sprATX Austin

On the East side of Austin, along a set of railroad tracks there is a wall that spans the length of a football field that is what is known as sprATX. "SprATX is a collective of over 20 established artists in Austin, Texas. As a family of street artists, muralists and creative energies, we dedicate [...]

Jacklyn miller photography

Spotlight on Local Talent – E$B Eric Benson and Mosswood Music

It's been a while since I've posted but, as everyone knows I'm all about supporting other artists I'm inspired by. Especially when they're right here in my hometown, Dallas Texas. Homegrown from Pleasant Grove, E$B, otherwise known as Eric Benson has been making quite the name for himself in the local rap and hip hop [...]


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A spark leads to a flame and makes fire.

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Early Morning Dannielle

This portrait was taken very early morning this past January. Dannielle and I struggled against all kinds of dilemas for about 24 hrs. to get this shoot done. We just couldn't seem to sync up with each other or life until the last minute. The results were well worth it. I'm so happy with the [...]

Double trouble jacklyn miller aka jacklyn747 with Dannielle

Some Type of Way….

urban chic Double trouble collage jacklyn miller aka jacklyn747


We look like we're up to no good.....

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See Through

Free Fallin’

There are so many rewards to portrait work. I can't shoot strangers, weddings, or graduation pictures. The results of shooting someone I know are not something I can articulate. All their pain, their bad choices, their desire to be understood, their love, and their insecurities culminates into a single brave moment before I release the [...]

Let The Show Begin…

Her Heart