NerdTv- Behind The Scenes with Dave Winer, the Father of RSS & Blogging

Sometime ago I was priviledged enough to see a little show on PBS called NerdTV.The interview I saw was with a guy by the name of Dave Winer, the father of rss and webblogging. I love his interview because of the way he talks about computers during the pre-IBM PC days in 1977, the year [...]


Jacklyn turns 32

1.) Learn to eat fire 2.) Get a boxing coach 3.) Learn more about hacking 4.) Get my concealed handgun license 5.) .......I know there's tons more.....oh yeah, Rollerderby, and Learn how to show my emotional side (barf). I like art, loud ass music, fake eyelashes, iced coffee, whiskey, sushi, reading books, being proved wrong [...]