Spotlight on Local Talent – E$B Eric Benson and Mosswood Music


It’s been a while since I’ve posted but, as everyone knows I’m all about supporting other artists I’m inspired by. Especially when they’re right here in my hometown, Dallas Texas. Homegrown from Pleasant Grove, E$B, otherwise known as Eric Benson has been making quite the name for himself in the local rap and hip hop scene lately. Day and night Eric spends countless hours writing music, recording in the studio, self-promoting and creating a new way of life with his own independent record label, Mosswood Music. E$B tells us that, “Mosswood Music is an alliance of talented rap and hip hop artists that break mics with a passion. We believe that unity is the key to success and stand for what is right. If one goes – we all go.” E$B is taking over Dallas with his two mixtapes Flood Tha Streets and his latest, Mosswood Music Microphone Murders Mixtape Vol. 1. Everyone I know is waiting for the new album, “Remains The Same” to drop sometime in 2015. Look for E$B at his next live show at the legendary, local venue Trees, in downtown Dallas. For an even deeper look into what inspires and drives this artist you can check out this interview with Stop The Brakes, and his profile page over at Rare Hip Hop. Until next time, Jacklyn747.


3 thoughts on “Spotlight on Local Talent – E$B Eric Benson and Mosswood Music

    1. Hell yeah! Watching all the necessary elements, timing, talent, drive, persistence and more come together in one person is pretty amazing. Stellar examples of people pushing themselves for better are rare. I have to share that.

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