Parallel Lives

I was instantly sucked in by this project curated by artist Einat Moglad called Emergent Art Space. A pretty cool concept of collective young up and coming artists. The website hosts student portfolios, collaborative projects and most of all a place to foster communication between like-minded creative individuals. I clicked on this link at least 2 hrs. ago and I’m just now coming back to reblog this post.

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s a rainy one here, good weather to get stuck into something creative…
I’m taking part in an exciting project called ‘Scribble it Down – Parallel Lives’. Curated by artist Einat Moglad:  “ ‘Scribble it down’  is an international artistic collaboration. In this project, each participant artist gets to work with several artists from different countries around the world on the same digital page. Each artist gets to start a new work, end a work or be part of an ongoing painting where the artist is asked to add his unique touch to the final piece. Scribble it down is inspired from the most basic act of several people interacting around a piece of paper and allowing each other to add something new to the work in progress. During this project, the artist is free to paint or draw, can add photographs or any other element that can be made…

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